About Us

Utilizing resources on a local level is responsible and sustainable long term providing it is done the right way.

Vertifresh is a Denver-based company committed to growing the highest quality vegetables and specialty herbs for local restaurants and retailers. All Vertifresh premium produce is hydroponically grown indoors, using non-GMO seeds and is completely pesticide and herbicide free. Picked fresh and delivered within 48 hours we are sure you will see and taste the difference. Grown local, by locals, for locals.


Vertifresh’s primary focus is to develop the company’s licensed PharmPod line of cultivation containers. PharmPods are best used in a PharmPlex which maximizes the systems scalability and creates unprecedented efficiencies in growth, energy and use of a local real estate footprint Vertifresh the first licensee of the patent pending PharmPod cultivation container system  Pharmpods are constructed of standard ISO steel shipping containers that are re-purposed for use in indoor plant cultivation. Based on the concept of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) used extensively in greenhouse cultivation for decades, the PharmPod cultivation container is the ultimate evolution of the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) concept. Stackable, scalable, secure, durable and clean, PharmPods have allowed Vertifresh to finally make the dream of urban, vertical farming economically viable through its license of the patent pending PharmPlex cultivation centers. Located in the heart of cities and nearest the nation’s population centers, the PharmPlex cultivation centers will produce the finest possible produce, picked fresh and ripe and transported less than 100 miles to its ultimate destination. Vertifresh is currently constructing the first PharmPlex cultivation center in Denver, Colorado. Enjoy!

About WaterBecause Vertifresh uses a state of the art hydroponic watering system we don’t have any significant impact on the local water supply. Vertifresh does not create any issues like traditional farming does. We are strictly self-contained and “sustainable.

About Land The ability to minimize land use for farming is what Vertifresh does best. Our unique hydroponic growing systems does not use open land to produce an awesome nutrient rich food. Vertifresh maximizes the growing cycle by growing their produce in controlled environments where the light, plant nutrients and all aspects of the process can be monitored, controlled and systemized to produce a superior product that actually tastes better and has more nutritious value.


 About EnergyVertifresh Green Growing Containers use less energy than conventional farming because the harvest takes place in a more confined and energy efficient controlled system. We are not subject to fluctuations in energy use sometimes created by weather or other natural occurrences.


Locally GrownVertifresh only grows where they have a customer base. We are always within a 100 mile radius of our delivery points. This assures our customers and their customers of the finest, freshest and most environmentally friendly produce.

 Pest ManagementOur growing process includes the most up to date methods for controlling pests without the use of anything that could be harmful. We strive to grow the best products insect and weed free without the use of chemical pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. You always know you are eating the best you can get.

Local ImpactPart of our sustainability lies in our utilization of local community employees. All of our highly trained staff live within the same proximity of our growing radius. This supports the concept of “Locally Grown, Produced and Harvested”.